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Issues Conference

2021 Dates To be Announced

The 31st annual Issues Community Conference will be held Wednesday March 4, 2020 at Wasatch High School from 6:00-8:30 pm.  The conference is free of charge for all those who attend.  This year’s keynote speaker is Ryan Stream.  Ryan is a highly esteemed motivational speaker, musician, and American soldier with a heart that pumps passion and positive change. His message is simple, "You are the Author of Your Story."  Using music and personal experiences, he conveys the powerful lesson that only you have the ability to take control of your circumstances and your life.  For a sample of his talent and his message, find him on YouTube.  Once you do, you won’t want to miss seeing him live!

Following the keynote speaker, a variety of interesting and informative workshops will be offered.  This year’s workshops include; Elevate Your Vision, The Happiness Formula, How to Save a Life, Conquering Stress through Mindfulness and Yoga, Brain Changing Effects of Using Electronics, Patriotism and Youth, Defend Yourself, and The Latest on Vaping.  For a complete list of workshop titles and descriptions, go to www.wasatchparkandrec.com .


Since the conference is a family event, be sure to bring your 5-11 year olds so they can participate in the fun youth activities while everyone 12 years and older attends the keynote address and workshops.  The youth activities include a live animal visit from the BYU Bean Museum, “Just Jumping,”a jump rope performance & teaching team, and Story Time with the captivating storyteller Sally Baird. 


 The Issues Community Conference is presented by Wasatch County Parks & Recreation, USU Extension, Wasatch County Health Department, and The Wasatch School District.  Generous sponsors include Heber Valley Medical Center and the Wasatch Community Foundation.  Registration begins at 5:30 pm, the keynote presentation begins at 6:00 and is followed by two 40 minute sessions of the breakout workshops.  Three hours of attendance credit will be available for high school students, plus another three hours of credit if they bring a parent with them.  For more information, please go to wasatchparksandrec.com or call 435-657-3240.  You won’t want to miss this year’s Issues Conference! 

About 2020 Issues Community Conference

Issues Workshop Examples

Issues 2020 Keynote & Workshop Descriptions:

Keynote:  You are the Author of Your Story         Ryan Stream                                                      Auditorium

Through music and personal experiences, Ryan shares the reality that anyone can take control of their circumstances and change their life.


A More Perfect Union                                                   Ryan Stream                                                      Room 455

Ryan Stream shares some of his experiences from serving two tours in Afghanistan to help us understand what being patriotic really means, and what each of us can do to create a “more perfect Union.”


The Happiness Formula                                                Ben Belnap                                                         Room 457

Neurologists have found a link between happiness and our ability to learn new information.  This workshop will show you the formula to unlock the happiness response.  It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s life-changing!


How to Save a Life                                                         Amber Pulley                                                   Room 211

Just as people trained in CPR help save thousands of lives each year, people trained in QPR can recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis and know how to question, persuade, and refer someone to help. 


Still Blowing Smoke                                                    Adam Hagan, Dr. Tidwell & Trudy Brereton    Room 209

PARENTS ONLY:  Direct your questions to a panel of professionals to learn more about the dangerous habit of vaping.  Dr Tyson Tidwell, Assistant Principal Adam Hagan, and Health Educator Trudy Brereton will educate you on the misconception that these products are a safe alternative to smoking.  Parents need to be informed about this trend so kids aren’t still blowing smoke!


Brain Changer                                                                   Christy Kane                                                      Room 210

New studies pinpoint electronics as a contributing factor to the substantial increase in suicide and depression.  The constant processing of stimulus from electronics changes critical brain functions thereby causing anxiety and depression.  Learn how to mitigate the effect that electronics have on you before it changes your brain!


Elevate Your Vision                                                        Matt Heimburger                                            Room 306

The choices you make today directly affect the options you’ll have in the future.  This is particularly true in your teenage years even though it may be hard to imagine.  Learn how to make smart choices in education, technology and relationships that will open your future to greater success and happiness.


Coping with Stress through Yoga                              DeEtte Englebright                                         Room 459

Life can be stressful!  Come learn yoga basics including how to use your breath to calm, sooth and energize yourself.  Discover how healthy habits can eliminate stress and provide motivation.


Fight Back                                                                           Shane Marcus and Cole Klekas                  Library

99% of those who fight back when attacked get away from their perpetrator.  Come learn basic self-defense techniques and gain the confidence to use them if you’re ever confronted by an attacker.



U Hang with Who?                                                          Ben Springer                                                      Room 208

For some reason we have stopped talking about peer pressure even though we still should be.  Come discuss how the friends we choose now can help predict our future.


Gear Up                                                                               Kim Danley and Cathy Cardenas               Room 212

Gear Up Utah presents the basic steps all students can take in 9th-12th grade to get ready to go to college.  They’ll provide you with information about college tours, ACT prep, college applications and financial aid.  Come gear up and get ready!


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