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Free Outdoor Family Games

Games and Activities

Spend your night at the Fair Grounds participating in a variety of family games and activities.

Stick Horse Barrel Race
Try for the fastest time as you race around 3 barrels, in a clover leaf pattern at the Stick Horse Barrel Race. All ages welcome, Bring your own stick horse or purchase on at the event for $15.00.

Hide Race (Safe and Modified for all Individuals)
Race around the arena on a cow hide. Instead of behind a horse, the hide will be pulled by Stotz Equipment Gators and can be modified for all individuals. This event will get you heart pumping and is sure to be a wild ride. All ages.

Hippy Hop Bronc Ride
Bring the family and get the feeling of what a real life bronc riders feels as he sits inside the chute. Anticipate the excitement and bust out with your best Hippy Hop Moves. Sign up one person per family time slot

Power-wheels Race (must bring your own power-wheels)
Try Out our Power Wheels Race Track. Built for all battery powered "Power Wheels". Ages 10 and under. Must provide your own vehicle.

Family Foul Shot Competition
Bring the family to try and set the Fair Days family foul shot record. Sign up one person for the family time slot. Families will get 20 shots to try and get the best score possible. Please show up to the event at your scheduled time.

Chalk art

Bring the family for an art filled activity. Sign up one person for the family time slot. Each family will be assigned a square to show off their artistic skills. Please bring your own side walk chalk. Please show up to the event at your scheduled time

Family Selfie Station

Register for Family Games

The Parks and Recreation department's number one goal is safety. You must register for your time slot for each game/activity. Each game registration will be different, you must register for each game.

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