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Wasatch Has Talent

Wasatch County Fair Talent Find Information

Wasatch Has Talent will be a virtual submission process.

Submission is available July 1- July 21

Videos will be posted and voting polls will be open July 24 - August 4

Ages Groups
Beginner 3-6
Junior A 7-9
Junior B 10-12
Intermediate 13-16
Senior 17 and up

Wasatch Has Talent WINNERS

Congratulations Wasatch Has Talent Winners! We will be in contact with you to let you know when to pick up your prize money!
Prize Money - 1st place $75.00, 2nd place $50.00, 3rd place $25.00

Beginner 3-6:
1st- Avonly and Grace Adams
Junior A 7-9:
1st- Zahara Cineus, Kahalia Belizaire
2nd- Dutton Daybell
3rd- Anastyn Knight, Shyndee Daybell
Junior B 10-12:
1st- Katie Pressgrove
2nd- Garrett Scott
3rd- Elle Kelson
Intermediate 13-16:
1st- Brooke Thatcher
2nd- Joseph and Hyrum Witt
3rd- Tehya Geake
Senior 17+:
1st- Kaden Miner
2nd- McKay Murdock
3rd-Jefferson and Mosiah Murdock

Wasatch Has Talent 2020

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