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Would you like to use our facilities to host an event, party, activity or class?

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Host A Party

The East Classroom, West Classroom and the Party Room can be reserved for parties up to 75 people. Reservations can be made any time in advance with a minimum of 2 hours prior to the desired reservation and a minimum 2 hour reservation.This facility is deemed to be a public building; therefore gambling, smoking, using illegal drugs and consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

The classrooms are $50 for the first 2 hours, and $25 for each additional hour.The Party Room is $75 for the first 2 hours and $30 for each additional hour.All applicants must post a refundable $100.00 deposit that is returned once the room is determined by staff to be clean and damage free.

Rental of the Class Room for party purposes includes entry for 12 people into the Recreation Center, and entry for 20 people if your rent the Party Room.The standard entry fee will apply to any additional attendees who enter the Rec Center facilities from the party.

Rental of any Parks and Recreation facilities is not allowed for business use in which a fee is charged to participants.In the event that money will be collected for any purpose, i.e. a fundraiser, the activity must first be approved by the Recreation Center Director.

Call 435-657-3240 or come in to the Rec Center to reserve time for hosting a party.

Host An Event

Are you interested in organizing a tournament, company party or another larger event?The Recreation Center is available for rent to host large events.Fees vary according to how many areas in the Rec Center you will be using, how many Recreation Staff members are needed, and the hours of usage.Please contact Director Amaria Scovil at 435-657-3240 to get specific information for your function.

Conduct An Activity, Class, Camp or Clinic

Although the County Council’s policies prohibit individuals from privately conducting any fee based activities in the Recreation Center, there are options for teaching or coaching an activity either through our Program Department or through signing a Disclosure of Compensation for Services Agreement. See our Policies and Procedures for more information. Contact Program Director Erik Lappe if you’re interested in instructing a class or clinic under the Parks and Recreation Department, or contact Recreation Center Director Amaria Scovil to discuss teaching or coaching under a Disclosure Agreement. Both individuals can be reached at 435-657-3240.
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